Little Oaks School

II  Beyond Academics – Preparing a Complete Child for Tomorrow’s Dynamic World  II

Beyond Academics – Preparing a Complete Child for Tomorrow’s Dynamic World

Greenoaks encourage each child to explore new skills and to develop new attitudes which enable them to thrive in this global community.

The mission is to let students excel in whatever they choose. It helps all children to grow and make them as caring individuals who are highly focused their future.

There are many innovative programs held at school premises which provide them an opportunity to express and implement what’s on their mind. In these kinds of programs, students learn to take initiative, show good leadership and make smart decisions.

Community service:

Greenoaks major aim is to increase child’s awareness on real-world issues. The children whoever participates in social service activities will develop a sense of community and responsibility. It is a great way to develop better ideas and knowledge to solve problems for a better world.


Each year, Greenoaks host a numerous special events for the purpose of community-building. Students will find something new and exciting with varied calendar of special school events.  These events occur during festivals, special days, etc. It’s an opportunity for children to test their skills, show their creativity, and spark curiosity.

Dance and Music:

Students at GreenOaks High School, has the opportunity to expose their inner passions such as dance, music and other fine arts. It provides all activities such as Indian and Western dance forms, music and fine arts.


GreenOaks has an experienced Physical Education Director who encourages all students to bring out their inner talents. He grooms their skills in several sports and games such as Throwball, Cricket, Football, Handball, Athletics (Track and Field), Kho Kho and others. Instructors make you to work hard and allow you to participate in indoor and outdoor competitions.

Soft skills:

Greenoaks groom students to gain superior skills in public speaking, debate, elocution, personality development, writing skills etc.