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Every Child is gifted – They just need the right guidance to succeed

We live in a competitive world where your designation such as a doctor, engineer or lawyer predicts right after your birth by your parents. No matter what you do, being successful is everything here. But GreenOaks forces not students to struggle to succeed instead identifies what they are good at and delivers right guidance and […]

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The Children of Today will make the India of Tomorrow – Nehru

Yes! Our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rightly said that the children of today will make the country of tomorrow. By the way, importantly today (November 14th) is the very auspicious day for children because it’s Children’s Day. We celebrate the day on the occasion of our beloved Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. Nehru fondly called […]

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Tips to Follow in this Monsoon for a Healthy Body and Mind

We all are familiar and often hear the adage ‘Health is wealth’. This old age saying is absolutely true and applicable to all the age groups. Especially parents should take some special precautions towards their children as they are very prone to get sick in this monsoon. Here are we are providing few tips to […]

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Improve Memory with these Study Hacks

As students, we strive to find several study hacks over the internet to improve our memory skills because it lessens our effort while studying. Here, encapsulating few hacks to improve your memory skills. Read as well as apply to yield the best results. Take a walk Yes! Take a walk especially before an exam as […]

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How ‘GreenOaks High School’ Adapting the Changing Technology

If you bought a brand new smartphone today, the same phone will be treated as outdated within six months just because of the new flooded mobile models and updated operating system. Technology is speeding parallel to the speed of light. So adapting to the changing technology is crucial to winning the race in this tech […]

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SSC Results Celebrations 2016 – 17

Congratulations to all SSC Public exam toppers – Our hard work pays off Greenoaks High School is extremely happy to announce that our student Neha stood as a topper of our school in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam results this year 2017. She successfully secured 9.8 GPA in results. With the result of hard work […]

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