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Together we can make a Difference

On an average, approximately eighteen people are dying every day across the country in drunk and driving mishaps. “If it possible stop drinking, if not, at least driving when you are drunk” Most of the drunken people deceive themselves by thinking that what the harm as I got home safely and no one was hurt. […]

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GreenOaks Tunes the Mind of every Student to Perfection

Education acts as a robust foundation for every child’s bright future. Our school can give the confidence to the parents in building their children’s bright future successfully. We at GreenOaks High School make great efforts to empower our community with skills that are required to be confident to take risks, to meet ever-changing global challenges, […]

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How to Pronounce Some Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Approximately, a whopping 1.8 billion people were using the language as a medium of communication. Especially in a country like India, one’s intellectuality will be judged on his/her proficiency in the language, English. Irrespective of where you live, pronouncing the language correctly […]

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Importance of Playing Games for School Children

Games play a major role in maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul of the child as it gives a lot of exercises in forming an overall healthy physic. The improvement of our body and mind acts as a resistant to many diseases. It helps students to possess a cool and pleasant temper irrespective of […]

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Every Child is gifted – They just need the right guidance to succeed

We live in a competitive world where your designation such as a doctor, engineer or lawyer predicts right after your birth by your parents. No matter what you do, being successful is everything here. But GreenOaks forces not students to struggle to succeed instead identifies what they are good at and delivers right guidance and […]

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The Children of Today will make the India of Tomorrow – Nehru

Yes! Our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rightly said that the children of today will make the country of tomorrow. By the way, importantly today (November 14th) is the very auspicious day for children because it’s Children’s Day. We celebrate the day on the occasion of our beloved Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. Nehru fondly called […]

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