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II  How ‘GreenOaks High School’ Adapting the Changing Technology  II

How ‘GreenOaks High School’ Adapting the Changing Technology

If you bought a brand new smartphone today, the same phone will be treated as outdated within six months just because of the new flooded mobile models and updated operating system.

Technology is speeding parallel to the speed of light. So adapting to the changing technology is crucial to winning the race in this tech world.

Nowadays, children have many opportunities to learn, not by what is taught but also from their experiences. A Teacher is now a Mentor. Technology as an innovation in pedagogical practice has been the major game changer towards this.

The students develop their thinking process by engaging with technology rather than merely consuming it. That is why, in ‘GreenOaks’ students are encouraged at an early age to learn algebraic thinking, algorithmic problem solving, iterative processes and higher order constructs which are all benefits of the introduction of computer science.

So the teachers across the world are collaborating to find all possible ways for effective learning. They are using technology to connect with the colleagues. The children are benefiting immensely as the Virtual and Flipped Classrooms are helping the classrooms become active spaces that encourage dialogue and learning.

At GreenOaks High School, we keep our major focus on utilizing technology by students to develop creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills. Our teaching faculty has a core passion for learning and they are always engaged in researching and finding out the latest in the field of technology to pick up and use in their classrooms for effective teaching. This approach creates a lifelong learning attitude in our students as well.

Only marks matters for the most of the schools, but the overall performance of the child matters us most. Our students are not one of the best but best of the best.

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