Little Oaks School

II  Beyond The Class  II

Apart from classroom teaching, GreenOaks strongly emphasizes on various extracurricular activities.
that contribute to the child’s all-round development.

Dance, Music and Fine Arts

Students at GreenOaks High School have got the edge over others as they get to nurture their inner passions such as dance and other fine arts in an exact manner they prefer. We facilitate our students in learning various Indian and Western dance forms, music, and fine arts.

Competitions & Achievements

GreenOaks High School offers wide opportunities for growth and achievement. Whether it is in academics, cultural activities or sporting arenas, you will be given the chance to excel in every field.


GreenOaks has an experienced Physical Education Director who is a renowned member of the State Level Sports Organization. Students are taught to groom their skills in multiple sports such as Throwball, Cricket, Football, Handball, Athletics (Track and Field), Kho Kho and others.

Karate & Martial Arts

Under the guidance of our senior-most Karate Expert, who is a Trainer for CRPF personnel and members of Armed Forces offer training to our students in self-defense techniques in each discipline and skill.

Quiz and Soft Skills

Quizzing Skills Make students reach the pinnacle of education by focusing upon various aspects such as Sports, Current Affairs, Science, Technology, Computers, Geography, History and many more. Also, we groom our students to gain superior skills in public speaking, debate, elocution, personality development, writing skills, etc.

Social Service activities

At Greenoaks, social service is a very important part of our mission where we encourage students to be compassionate global citizens. Our service programs aim to increase awareness of real-world issues and develop responsibility towards the community.

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