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How to overcome the fear of exams – Here are three key suggestions

Exams… just the sound of it drives fear into the hearts of children and parents. It is the need of the hour to motivate parents and children on how to overcome the fear of exams. The school administration has to motivate teachers, students and parents to face the examinations as they are by proper planning […]

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Importance of Learning Self-defense for Students

Self-defense is a way or system to guard oneself against any physical assault or any mischief without causing a lot of violence against any physical assault occurring. Learning Self-defense and applying it while in threat is especially significant for everybody to be it a young lady or a kid or a youngster or a grown-up […]

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Back to School – Begin the New Academic Year Progressively!

Going back to school for a new academic year is a joyful event for students as it reconnects them with school friends and happiness of buying new school supplies and regularity of the school schedule. We advise a few powerful tips to follow that helps you begin the upcoming academic year progressively. Get Organized Making […]

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Play or Study During Summer Vacation? A Perfect Balance is a key!

Kids these days just need all play no work; uh rather, all play no study! We are nearing the summer holidays- a lengthy period of rest for the student where they need to return with renewed energies next year. Nevertheless, does it mean that your kid must just enjoy summer holidays and do nothing? On […]

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You Can Win – Four Steps to Success

Everyone can climb the ladder of success if fueled by right skills, hard work and persistence. In this super generation we work with hundreds of students each year, sharing with them our expertise in study skills and well-being. Is it too late for students to excel? Nope. There is nothing that is old enough to […]

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Children’s Day: Make it a Memorable Day to your kids

We celebrate Children’s Day on 14th November of every year to commemorate our first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru’s birth anniversary.

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