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II  Children’s Day: Make it a Memorable Day to your kids  II

Children’s Day: Make it a Memorable Day to your kids

We celebrate Children’s Day on 14th November of every year to commemorate our first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru’s birth anniversary.

Earlier, we used to celebrate the day on 20th November to increase the awareness among people about the care, education, and rights of the children.

As a student in our school days, Birthday and Children’s day were the two most important days in our calendar as we feel somewhat special on those days. Add a little more pep to the Children’s day and make it a memorable day in your child’s diary.

Generally, children are fond of surprises and they get energized when you make a festival of something basic, particularly amidst the week. Most of the parents’ time is always occupied with household chores and office hours.

In this competitive world, they hardly found quality time to spend with their children. Thus, Children’s Day can furnish you with the ideal chance to make your little one feel valued.

Read on for some amazing plans to astonish your kid on this Children’s Day. Go through the points, implement and make it an impact on your children.

First of all, explain (if s/he is a kid) the importance of the day to your kids and let them know why we yearly celebrate the day. Prepare them to participate in fancy dress competition as ‘Chacha Nehru’.

Take your kids to a nearby children’s and in the great old way have an excursion. Forget not to cook their most loved eatables such as cookies, pastries and more (now and then eating these kinds of foods are completely fine). On the other hand, remember that it’s their day.

Share your childhood tales and let them know how your childhood days are different from there ones. And tell them how you used to celebrate Children’s day at your school.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.Stacia Tauscher