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II  COVID-19 – A Long bell for Schools?  II

COVID-19 – A Long bell for Schools?

There is a sense of fear and panic all around the world since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it as Pandemic.

According to the UNESCO reports, COVID-19 lockdown measures have closed (partially or fully) schools for more than 90% of the world’s student population.

With the virus spreading to more regions, the state government ordered to close down educational institutions like schools and colleges as a precautionary measure against the disease, Corona.

Coronavirus has fractured a large chunk of India’s education system. In the view of emergency caused due to COVID-19, the IIT Delhi (IIT-D) decided to cancel all its classes, examinations, and public gatherings. Top business schools like Indian institute of Management – Indore, Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Management – Lucknow, and more have postponed their convocation ceremonies in order to avoid large gatherings.

In the wake of this emergency situation, GreenOaks High School offering a digital platform to its students to learn online. Once we reopen the school (partially or fully), GreenOaks strictly follow the suggestions that are recommended by the SLN global network. The network comprises academicians, school heads, and educational experts.

The basic precautions include sanitization of the school campus, temperature checks of staff, and avoiding outside visitors near the school premises.

In addition, some of the recommended measures include having spacious classrooms with few students, rotational online and offline classes for students, and splitting the class into two and conducting double shifts to ensure that all students don’t have to come at the same time. The document also suggests to conduct safety audits of campuses, recommend home quarantine of students if required and to prepare for any kind of health emergencies.

GreenOaks understands the anxiety level among the parents post the lockdown hence we incorporate the suggested changes in the campus and implement innovative structures that enable us to run with a new learning education model that integrates school, online, and home.

We are giving our 200 percent to prevent the virus and hopefully wish you to follow the same. Providing a set of things to not do immediately if the lockdown probably ends in this month of May.

Don’t Stop Washing Your Hands

If there is any positive thing in this 2020 apart from the reports of Corona negative, it is the habit of washing hands that the virus inculcated in the people. Don’t stop washing your hands regularly even when the pandemic comes to an end. Regular washing of your hands keeps you clean and healthy.

Don’t Attend Functions, Festivals and Social Gatherings

Socializing is fun but at what cost? You might be dying to meet your relatives or friends but it could be an open invitation for the infection. Though there is no clarity on the reopening of the schools, GreenOaks will involve in a number of social distancing measures such as no sports or assembly for a period of time.

Use Face Mask

Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear masks too – Though the saying is a bit odd, the point it said is even and clear. Regularly use face masks when you go out to buy essentials or attend important gatherings.

There are numerous precautions are there to suggest, but in the end, what matters is your action to end the spreading chain. Kindly follow the measures to stop this pandemic.

Dear Parents/Students, for more information regarding the online classes or precautions to be taken, kindly reach us at 8978784784 or 9704533633.