Little Oaks School

II  Every Child is gifted – They just need the right guidance to succeed  II

Every Child is gifted – They just need the right guidance to succeed

We live in a competitive world where your designation such as a doctor, engineer or lawyer predicts right after your birth by your parents. No matter what you do, being successful is everything here.

But GreenOaks forces not students to struggle to succeed instead identifies what they are good at and delivers right guidance and path to excel in their natural talents. This is secret behind our success since our inception.

Our academic curriculum includes the following programs:

Life Skills

Thinking Skills, Social Skills, and Emotional Skills are the three skills that we majorly focus on this program.

Using a wide range of methods that start from discussions to interactive games, the program imparts through an experimental approach, which brings in real-world dilemmas into the classroom. The experience provides the extra edge to our students that they need to face adversity and fortune with equal grace.

Value Education Program

Our Value Education Program stimulates reflection and introspection about the issues that have moral and ethical relevance.

The Program encourages students to thoughtfully choose and adhere to a set of values that is appropriate and reflects the difficulties of their time, rather than simply preaching values and imposing upon them. This program deals with a wide variety of themes for social significance through innovative approaches and activities.

Personality Development

Students at GreenOaks are given opportunities to participate in workshops that take place throughout the year, which majorly focus on a wide variety of aspects relating to the development of a well-balanced personality.

We know that the personality of a student cannot be polished in a day. So we gradually develop it by conducting weekly and monthly workshops along with regular lectures from motivational speakers.

Sports Education

GreenOaks strongly believes that sports and games are an integral part of the educational process and integrated those in our curriculum. The school is equipped with a spacious playground for students to play multiple games at a time. To date, our students won many major sporting tournaments and rose as district and state level players.

GreenOaks is happy to announce that, we invite students from all cultures, financial and socio-economic strata to be a part of the school community.

Admissions are open in GreenOaks High School – one of the best schools in AS Rao Nagar, for the academic year 2018-19. For more details contact: 8978784784