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II  Importance of Playing Games for School Children  II

Importance of Playing Games for School Children

Games play a major role in maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul of the child as it gives a lot of exercises in forming an overall healthy physic.

The improvement of our body and mind acts as a resistant to many diseases. It helps students to possess a cool and pleasant temper irrespective of their fluctuating moods. On the other hand, games play a crucial role in developing a healthy brain of the child.

Following are some of the benefits of playing games to the children:

  • Games let children use their creativity while nurturing their imagination, physical, cognitive, emotional strength, and proficiency in skills.
  • It is because of the games that children at a very young age interact and engage in the world around them.
  • Games offer children to create and explore a world that they can master, conquering their fears while practicing adult roles, sometimes in conjunction with other children or adult caregivers.
  • As they master their world, games help them to develop new abilities that lead to increasing the confidence and the resiliency, which are required to face challenges of their time.
  • Drifting games allow children to know how to work, to negotiate, to share, to learn self-advocacy skills and to resolve disputes.
  • Preferably, most of the games were supervised by adults, but the downside of this is that children typically acquiesce to adult rules and concerns and lose some of the benefits play offers such as developing creativity, leadership, and group skills.

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