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II  How to overcome the fear of exams – Here are three key suggestions  II

How to overcome the fear of exams – Here are three key suggestions

Exams… just the sound of it drives fear into the hearts of children and parents. It is the need of the hour to motivate parents and children on how to overcome the fear of exams.

The school administration has to motivate teachers, students and parents to face the examinations as they are by proper planning and delivering the plan of action on the intended syllabus.

First of all, the teachers and parents should lower the levels of expectations on children as this would only mount pressure on the students to do better anyhow and if they do not do well, the students would feel themselves as failures and end up depressed unable to face the after-effects.

As the exam season is approaching fast, here are a few tips for teachers, students, and parents on how to face the exams and emerge successfully.

Teachers- Plan well the revision schedule and implement it.

The teachers should plan the study schedule well and complete the syllabus in time. The on-time completion of the syllabus paves way for the proper planning and implementation of revision classes. Proper revision helps the students to face the exams with confidence.

Students- Take the revision classes seriously

The students generally do not take the revision classes seriously. It is because the revision classes will be in the last periods and all the students will be waiting for the long bell to rush out of the school.

Teachers should make it a point to conduct revision classes in the early hours and motivate the students to stay back in the last periods by engaging them with role-play techniques and interactive sessions in such a way they should forget the long bell!

Parents- Don’t panic your children with expectations

Parents have too many wishes for their children to do big in life. They compare their children with others in their friends’ circle or locality community and mount up the pressure to do better all the time.

It is an earnest request for the parents to realize the abilities of their children and accept it. The children only need positive words of encouragement and acceptance of the results. Parents should be ready to accept whatever the result. They should never compare their children with others, as it only demotivates them.

Bottom Line

Children facing the exams and emerging successfully is a collective effort of both teachers and parents. They should only be an encouraging force and support system then only the education system prevails!