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II  The Pandemic Impact on Education – Issues and Opportunities  II

The Pandemic Impact on Education – Issues and Opportunities

Educational institutions around the country have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Do these massive closures show any Pandemic Impact on Education? What lessons did the educational institutions learn from the closure due to the pandemic?

What’s next for Schools?

To simplify, what’s next for schools? Read on to know the probable issues and opportunities! No need to inform that the pandemic has transformed the ages-old teaching methodology of chalk-talk (classroom teaching) to virtual classes, which is driven by digital technology.

Future is Digital – Learn Online

Learning online is the only best solution for the present issue is to embrace the digital platform to teach students. Fortunately, GreenOaks High School offers online video classes, to ensure easy and effective accessibility of learning to every student.

On the other hand, the school is working hard to seamlessly integrate classroom learning with e-learning to build a unified learning platform that connects classroom, home, and students.

With a rapid increase of mobile internet users in the Hyderabad – A total of 4.2 million users as of 2019 reports of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

The user graph is hiking day by day and the city stands higher than that of other metropolitan cities like Ahmedabad and Pune in terms of mobile internet users.

Teaching online can drastically change the educational system and increase the effectiveness of learning and teaching, as it offers students and teachers multiple options to choose from.

Join your kids in GreenOaks High School – Digital Classrooms & Online Classes

GreenOaks High School in AS Rao Nagar believes in an effective and well-rounded educational system that is grounded with morals and values to build young minds. And strives round the clock to reach those standards and offer the students a unique digital platform, which accelerates their career.

Let your kid, stay on top in every subject with our online classes from the best teachers in the field. Admissions are open for the academic year 2020-21 – Join your kids now. For more details contact us at 8978 784 784 or 9704 533 633. You can also drop us a mail at

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