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II  Encourage Your Children to Play the Brain Games  II

Encourage Your Children to Play the Brain Games

In this free time, encourage your children to play brain games as it helps your kid improve analytical thinking, spatial awareness, creativity, problem-solving, and many more. GreenOaks High School (best school in AS Rao Nagar, Hyderabad), the team is providing the list of few brain games that parents can play with their children:


Puzzles are fun brain games as they enhance children’s spatial awareness as well as hand-eye coordination. This game will provide numerous learning opportunities and spark the imagination of your kid.

Find That Thing:

Parents can play this game with their child in an open area such as a park or playground. Take out the flashcard and your child will find the object which is mentioned on the flashcard. For example, if the word on the card is “Flower” your child will have to locate one in the surroundings. This game will effectively improve comprehension and spatial awareness of the child.

Three cups:

It is simple yet the best way to increase the observation skills of your child. Line up three paper cups and place a small object (like a coin or rubber) under one cup. Switch the cups back and forth into new positions and let your child observe the movements. After you are done, ask the child where the object is.


This fun brain game features a grid with some numbers inside them and the rest is empty. Whosoever is playing this game has to fill up all the missing numbers. The catch is that you cannot repeat the same number in the same row or column. This game will challenge your child to think 3-4 steps ahead and enhance analytical thinking.

Building Blocks:

This simple yet fun game has evolved over the years but has never faded out from the trend. All you need is a set of blocks in different colors and shapes. Let your child apply his/her imaginative skills to build something creative. This will enhance shape and color recognition, creative skills, and mental stimulation.

Role Play:

Role-playing is a great way to boost creativity and imagination. Teacher-teacher, doctor-nurse, or shopkeeper-customer, the options are endless in this game. It will help in establishing the right moral tone for your kids that will benefit them while dealing with society.

Brain games make your child think in unconventional ways to solve a problem. It will also enhance the concentration, observational, and reasoning skills at the initial stage. Parents should try to play these games with their children to nurture their talents and skills in the best way possible.

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