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II  Play or Study During Summer Vacation? A Perfect Balance is a key!  II

Play or Study During Summer Vacation? A Perfect Balance is a key!

Kids these days just need all play no work; uh rather, all play no study!

We are nearing the summer holidays- a lengthy period of rest for the student where they need to return with renewed energies next year. Nevertheless, does it mean that your kid must just enjoy summer holidays and do nothing? On the other hand, is it handy to maintain a minimum study habit, so that the trauma is not too great when you return to school after the holidays? It depends on each kid and his or her conditions.

Surely, all play and no work makes Jack a dull boy!

Here are ways to indulge your child to various other activities apart from the regular summer camps.

  • Take your child to a workshop which interest him/her and which encourage more brain activity.
  • Choose activities that relax the child’s mind but also giving him/her some kind of knowledge.
  • Children tend to drop their abilities over the break, and to keep up with their mental state, their brains need constant work and thinking. Start something, which keeps up their interest, and makes them learn new things and skills.
  • Cooking is a great way to learn math, read and improve writing. This includes numbers where your child learns math, write the recipe and can share it to his/her friends and read the recipe from the internet. (Moreover, saving your cooking time.)

There are a number of different fun activities on the internet that help your child with learning and having fun. Browser the internet and you will find numerous tasks, projects and many more activities that involve brainwork or physical work to keep kids engaged.

Plan a vacation:

Studies revealed that traveling makes children happy even after they are over. When kids explore things, they study and observe various things around and try to question and know the more.

A British study observed that almost half of the children stated that their most favorite childhood memory is one of a family vacation, and more than half (55%) of children said that these days of vacations have given them happy memories that will be with them on their minds for the rest of their lives.

Build a reading habit:

Insist your child on reading. This will definitely help him/her in the future. It is often seen that the kids who like/love reading also like/love studying. Kids learn from what they see, make a habit of reading by yourself and thus it will create an environment where your child will also try to cultivate that habit.

Good reading skills not only benefit children academically, but they are also a skill needed for lifetime achievement. Reading improves vocabulary, improves attention span, and supports stronger analytical thinking.

Students that load on the task during summer vacation also often see themselves concentrating on just meeting requirements rather than concentrating on doing a good job and learning the lessons of the day. With no break, work and school become nothing more than something to finish rather than something to experience fully and learn from.

As surprising as it may seem, students would benefit more by focusing on themselves during the summer, working on personal projects and simply relaxing.

Being a couch potato during the vacation is not a serious thing after all.